Friday, August 7, 2009

About Last Night

I'm up early because my internal alarm clock has a GREAT sense of humor. I was thinking about how last night's event went and thought I would blog about it. Overall, it was a great turnout, great crowd to support an excellent cause. You should definitely check out the work the Rally Foundation does, I learnt new facts about childhood cancer and they mentioned ways to help fund their work.

The show started off with the presenters in Betsey Johnson dresses, very nice and very wearable. I think the keyword there is wearable. You see some shows and you think, "that's nice but I wouldn't wear that". The clothes shown were beyond gorgeous and there are some simple yet chic pieces that I'd like to get. The only confusing thing was at some point, I wasn't sure what was Rene Rene and what was Betsey. The headpieces I think were Betsey but the models (Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders) were wearing Rene dresses that looked like Betsey type colors. I wish you were there, you'd know what I was talking about.

Oh and the cupcakes - I totally forgot my camera at home which is why all you are getting is TEXT! I could have kicked myself for doing that. I'm not a great photog but I would have loved to share what we did in terms of the cupcakes. I noticed a man with professional cameras and asked if he would take some pictures and he was kind enough to. He was there to take pictures of the cheerleaders but happily obliged my request. I'll update this post as soon as I get them. And another thing? I asked someone else to take a picture of my sisters and me and email it to me. Totally random right, to be asking someone you don't know to take your picture? I hadn't been out with them in forever and thought why not.

As I mentioned, I'll update this post with the pictures when I get them. Can I just say that now I get what my friend from Chicago means when she says Atlantans are beautiful. Seriously, she always says that when she's here. And I just never got that. However, yesterday, people just looked picture perfect. Maybe it's just me. I do live in a cave or an oven, whichever you prefer.

UPDATE: Got the photographs last week but have been rather lazy about putting them up. I really am thankful to TJ for taking these photos! As you can see, we stayed true to the Falcons colors and paid hommage to Bestey Johnson with our red frosting fused with black.


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