Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food Network's 3 Days to Open

 Photo Credit: 3 Days to Open

3 Days to Open is my new favorite show on Food Network.  Anyone seen it yet?  It's got Iron Chef (and my personal hero) Bobby Flay rescuing businesses in need of serious help three days before they are to open.  After each episode, viewers can go online for updates and I was fast to hit up the website foodnetwork.com/3days to see how the food entrepreneurs were doing.  I also read quite a bit of the online reviews and was shocked by many of the comments.  This is an awesome show!  Some people commenting said that they didn't think it was possible for some of the business owners to be so green and have little or no money so close to opening.  They thought all that was staged for a 'reality' show.

Guess what?  This sure happens in real life.  People go into business not knowing exactly what lies ahead.  I remember being shocked, alarmed even, by the amount of work that goes into running a bakery.  Going from a part-time side gig/hobby to a full-time business was an eye opener. A lot of problems that Bobby Flay found within the first day of working with the businesses, I also had and will always work on.  For someone like me who didn't go to culinary school or work a day in the industry (gasp!) prior to opening my business, the show is providing me with free education. Bobby Flay scores major points for being patient with the business owners and for sharing his expertise and even his recipes with them.  I watched all four episodes in one sitting and can't wait to watch upcoming episodes, with my pen and notepad beside me.

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