Friday, October 14, 2011

Coming Soon: Lenox Cupcakes at 5392 Peachtree Rd

It’s hard to believe that we finally have a place to call our baking home. After our temporary lease at Phipps Plaza ended, we were pretty sure where we would be going next. In fact, we’d planned on that location long before our final days at Phipps. We had our design in place and were ready to move forward when we found out that the restaurant next door didn’t want a cupcake shop in the same plaza. Womp womp. We found a couple more spots we thought would be ideal but the deals somehow fell through right before we signed the lease. Finally, it dawned on us that these seemingly perfect spaces, may not be ideal for us. We thought about our needs as a family and what we needed in terms of work/life balance and a space we initially didn’t think was a fit suddenly started to make sense.

Our new space at 5392 Peachtree Rd would be our main baking facility where we would bake cupcakes for delivery and pick up. It’s just perfect for that. When we were at Phipps, we found ourselves baking more for pick up and delivery than we did for walk-ins. We often thought it would be great if Saturdays were reserved just for walk-ins. That scenario might just be possible at our new location. We’re really excited about the opportunity to serve our customers and still spend quality time together as a family. It’s exciting, scary and exciting all over again.

In our earlier days as a delivery-only company, I remember being frustrated about not having a place for people to come and pick up their cupcakes. And then when we had the temporary store, I remember longing for the days when I could volunteer at my son’s school or go on our annual vacay. I’m hoping this time around, I’ll actually be able to volunteer more often without cancelling at the last minute and even though we probably won’t be able to take the last two weeks of the year off as we did in times past, I know for sure we won’t be open on New Year’s Day :-)

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