Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Market?

After many months of consideration, I think I will showcase Lenox Cupcakes at a local market. I have many apprehensions about doing this, the biggest being the toll it would take on my family. I have a young son and childcare is a major consideration. We'll work it out.

The thing is, what market? I set my sights on a farmer's market close by but I've heard that they've got many applications under consideration. Next, is an open-air market in a hip neighborhood but I've been told that I can't be a vendor there due to a possible conflict with the grocery store in the area! Seriously? The third and most likely option is another open-air market in a quieter neighborhood. Really nice neighborhood. I am not sure how I would describe it except that it has a nice mix of intellectuals due to the university in the area. Quiet.

The way I see it, I need to keep Lenox Cupcakes moving. So far, we've been delivery/pick-up but I would like to get out there and mingle with folks and really grow my business organically. That's really what this is about, growing a business from the ground up!


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