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Lenox Cupcakes FAQ

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The following are actual questions commonly asked by our customers. Email us at if you have a question that is not answered below.

Do you have a store front?
No we do not operate a physical store front. We bake out of a licensed commercial kitchen and make deliveries throughout metro Atlanta.

Can I order cupcakes to be delivered on the same day?
While we appreciate 24 hours advance notice, we will do our very best to accommodate any last minute requests. Trust us, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Do you deliver or ship out of state?
We currently deliver locally within metro Atlanta and do not ship our cupcakes at this time.

How long will my cupcakes stay fresh?
Because our cupcakes are baked to order, they are typically made within hours (minutes even!) of when you receive them. We use all natural ingredients that don’t contain preservatives so it is best to consume the cupcakes within two days. If you plan on keeping them longer, be sure to keep them in an air-tight container and freeze them. If you freeze the cupcakes, wait for them to return to room temperature before eating them.

Can I refrigerate my cupcakes?
Putting your cupcakes in the refrigerator will cause them to dry out. Our cupcakes are best eaten the same day you receive them. If you need to keep them longer, put the cupcakes in an air-tight container and freeze them. Once taken out of the freezer, be sure to wait until the cupcakes are at room temperature before eating them.

Do you offer tastings?
We don't offer tastings but recommend that you order a box of cupcakes (two per dozen or baker's choice of the day) in advance of your wedding or event. If you order a minimum of five dozen regular cupcakes for your event within a year of ordering your sample box, we will credit the cost of the sample box (minus delivery fees).

I need to surprise someone with cupcakes, is it okay to not call ahead to confirm delivery?
We love being a part of your surprise. However, we need to be sure that there is someone available to receive the cupcakes when delivery is scheduled. We’ll follow your specific instructions to ensure that the surprise is not ruined, promise.

How much is the delivery fee?
Delivery starts at $5 and is based on distance. To give you an idea of delivery fee for certain neighborhoods: Buckhead - $5 and up; Sandy Springs, Midtown, Downtown Atlanta, Emory, North Decatur - $10 and up; Alpharetta and Marietta - $20 and up.

Is there really a two-flavor limit per dozen regular or two dozen minis?
Because we bake to order, there is a two-flavor limit per dozen regular cupcakes or two dozen micro mini cupcakes. However, if you want more of an assortment, we have the Baker’s Choice which allows you ,more of a variety based on orders already on the books for the day. For instance, if we have Dark Chocolate Bliss, Red Velvet, and Vanilla-Vanilla on the books for a particular day, the Baker’s Choice for that day will consist of all three flavors. Here’s a link to a previous post on our blog about Baker’s Choice.

Can you deliver to my child's school?
We absolutely can! We are fully licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and bake out of a commercial kitchen which is licensed and inspected by the health department. Included in the delivery is a list of ingredients to enable school officials make decisions about which cupcakes may not be suitable for children with allergies.


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