Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Credit Card Processing System

For all those customers who have been waiting patiently for us to implement a new credit card processing system, it’s done! We now have the ability to collect your credit card information over the phone. No more schlepping over to Lenox Road to make your payment and no more PayPal, if you don’t want it. Simply provide the necessary details over the phone and your order’s taken care of.

Phew! What a relief! It’s been a long time coming and along the way, we dealt with a rather annoying company that charged us twice before we’d even signed on to use their service. Of course, we ‘discontinued’ service before we’d ever begun. This is all to say, we’ve got an excellent service provider that we are happy with and for anyone that would like to take advantage of this added convenience, go ahead. We’re ready! We’ve actually been ready since Friday but just got around to putting up this post.


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