Tuesday, November 11, 2008


At some point today, actress Demi Moore might be eating our cupcakes. We got a last minute order for birthday cupcakes for Ms. Moore. How fantastic is that? Just as I was having a meh day and praying for something to change, a call came in for an order of cupcakes for Demi Moore.

Long pause.

That's what I did because I thought it couldn't be possible. This is Atlanta, people. That's where Google comes in. After I took the order, I went online and did a search and found that she is indeed shooting a movie in Atlanta. I also found out that today is indeed her birthday. Also, the people that picked up the cupcakes are working on the movie, The Joneses which is the same movie she is shooting in Atlanta. Well then, she just might be eating our cupcakes. Allegedly...


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