Monday, October 13, 2008

The business of happiness

Thinking about the number of times I heard "What business are you in?" or saw "Type of business ______" on a form, I feel I should have said or written "the business of happiness". That's very unlikely but seriously, I don't know of any business that evokes such happiness. At every delivery, every pick-up, I am met with a smile. People just love cupcakes. I wonder what it is that brings about such a reaction. It definitely makes me happy to make others happy.

Speaking of small things that make me happy. The other day, as we were driving through the tolls on GA 400, someone paid our toll. We handed out a dollar bill to the cashier and she said "the person in front of you paid for you". That act of kindness was so random, so unexpected, it absolutely made my day.

So, do something nice for someone else. Do something unexpected. Something small but significant. Hmmm, I wonder what's small but significant... :-)


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